Long Live Southbank

Southbank is a symbolic space. The skate spot is in the very heart of London and exudes a kind of charisma that is rarely found in the centre of the city. It’s brutalist concrete, mushroom pillars, graff covered walls and history as one of the world’s most important skateboarding spots have given it a character that Londoners have come to value as a major part of the cities fabric.

It is a hugely important to our cultural life. A great number of London’s finest creatives spent formative years in Southbank’s Undercrofts. Palace Skateboards would be just one example of a world class outfit which has emerged from the community that surrounds Southbank.

In 2013 the space came under threat of closure. Long Live Southbank was the organisation that was formed in opposition. We raised 150,000 signatures, a record breaking number, and got nationwide and international publicity.

We are now fundraising to reopen a legendary section of the space which was closed off in 2004. This Sunday we host Dancing Space, a fundraising party with all proceeds going towards the restoration campaign. We’ve got some serious support behind this, and a serious line up of DJ’s to match: Will Bankhead, Benton, Rory Milanes, Will Lister and 2 more guests will be down.

Tickets will be available on the door, but are cheaper over at https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1059749 . Catch you in the dance!

More info at llsb.com. Shout us at hello@llsb.com.


Written by: Louis Woodhead