Ollie Rant - Wavey Garms Mix

A couple months back, DJ Ollie Rant created an exclusive mix for Wavey Garms' Soundcloud page. Having played at our first ever WG rave, he did a little write about about the tracklist and his first step into DJing.

"By the time I started buying records garage was pretty done. For me, my introduction to DJing and UK dance music was through grime, producers and crews like Imp Batch, Low Deep and Ruff Squad.

For this mix - rather than planning it too much - I thought I'd just use what records I had in my bag at the time. Towards the end you can here plenty of the grimey records that got me started. Feels cool to be back doing a mix for Wavey Garms. I've known these guys a long time from going out raving around south and east London. I even played a few of their very first raves."

Check the mix out:


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