Peckham's Tattoo Shop: Rye Lanez

With all these gentrified shops and overpriced bars popping up it’s becoming easy to forget that there are real people making movements in South East London.

Rye Lanez are simply a bunch of writers from South East who made the transition from graff, an illegal subculture based on art, to tattooing, a legitimate business run by professionals.

And from watching their video it's obvious that their artwork is nothing short of spectacular.

The crew consist of a good-hearted set of professionals who add their own unique style to each and every tattoo. I myself am covered in art work from pretty much everyone in the shop. They greet you with a smile, make honest suggestions and apply intricate works of art to your skin while having a genuine conversation with you. Tattoo-lovers know that's important.

Located right next to the WG shop, they've hit a niche in an area that doesn't have many certified tattoo shops around. Rye Lanez are rapidly becoming one of the best traditional tattoo shops in South East London. 

Check out Rye Lanez on Instagram here.

Written by: Chris Williams

Producer: Chris Williams
Editor: Dashti Jahfar
Videography: Daniel Jurzyna
Sound: Ollie Drummond
Music: Ben Hauke