Speaking to...AGRKNIT aka Alicia Robinson

Alicia (right) with Wavey Garms co-owner Rhiannon (left)

Most famous for knitwear catwalk pieces for the likes of Missoni and Yeezy, London-based knitwear designer AGR aka Alicia Robinson recently teamed up with us here at Wavey Garms to make a specially curated AGR x Wavey Garms knitted jumper. 

The jumper features in a promotional video on the website’s homepage. The piece, inspired by vintage Moschino, has been personalised with WG twists all over.

Using bold colours, colour-blocking and heavy knitwear, the 26 year-old designer based in Croydon, finds inspiration in her mother’s artwork which was used for Malboro Leisure and Silk Cut clothing back in the 80s.

Recently the striking knitted jumper Alicia collaborated on with us seems to have heavily influenced a design by Burberry, almost to an exact degree, so we thought we'd sit down and have a talk with her about it. 

WG: How you became interested in knitwear?
Alicia Robinson: I started having an interest for knitting/textiles and fashion all because my fabulous mum. She used to design knitwear and travel around Asia visiting factories. She had a much more factory overseeing job where as I'm much more hands on, and enjoy making every single piece I design. I inherited all my skills from her, she taught me to knit from a young age and all the machines and tools I use now were once hers. I ended up going to Chelsea College of Art (UAL) to do my foundation and degree, after this I landed an internship with James Long the menswear designer. He gave me my first break kind of thing as he allowed me to do three seasons of his knitwear show pieces. I later moved on to work with Helen Lawrence co-designing and hand-making her collections before branching off and going freelance full time. 

What was your inspiration for the Wavey Garms collab?
Our inspiration for the Wavey Garms collaboration was definitely old-school Moschino vibes. I did a bunch of research and asked the Wavey Garms team to send me a few of there favourite bits too. I wanted to make it very colourful and pretty graphic. I think drew up some quick ideas and created two first sample swatches with random yarns I just had at home.

I then added a small hint of Burberry and the Wavey Garms team wanted a big smily gurner on some knit so that was a no brainer. The lettering on the front and back obviously is very logo orientated but the colouring is quite United Colours of Benetton.

What’s the piece that you've made that you are most proud off and what’s the one that you don’t want to think about?
Up until now I would probably say that my favourites are the two very highly patterned pieces I made for James Long SS16. I worked very closely with James and Sam Twyford to design these pieces to get the colours just right, and was really proud of them. It was also my first piece in style magazine. The Wavey Garms x Arg collab piece is definitely up there now though, and is definitely a memorable one just for working with two of your good mates as it makes it all the more worthwhile. Andres and Rhiannon work really hard for Wavey Garms and have a lot of stuff going on, so it was so nice to be able to find time to create something. Both of there visions are so good and the idea for the video was all them. 

Tell me a bit more about how Burberry spotted you?
I dunno about Burberry spotting me! It’s a funny one you know, as obviously we robbed some of their Burberry check for the jumper, which is always a cheeky one. I felt it would be fine to do this as bootleg has become such a huge part of fashion right now, and is creating its on new trend. However I did find it funny that they had a jumper with a very similar aesthetic on there runway a week later but in my eyes I just see it as a nod to myself that my designing on point.

Do you like to wear your own designs? 
Yeah of course, my style is quite tomboy/streetwear and most pieces before now have been very catwalk and fashion therefore you don't always see me rocking my own stuff. But soon come, soon come…

What projects are you working on right now? What we shall expect from you in the future?
Right now I am working on capsule collection for myself - AGR. Rhiannon and myself also have a little project in the mix. So, watch this space, 2018 is looking lively.

Cheers Alicia.

Written by: Nassia Matsa

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