Speaking to...Faze Miyake

For our first artist feature, we linked up with one of the hottest artists in the UK, the ‘G.O.A.T’ Faze Miyake to talk on his latest EP, his favourite locations to perform at and fashion trends.

Faze Miyake has been producing some of the maddest beats over the last decade, taking elements from a host of different influences including grime and trap. I sat down to speak to  Faze about how he is constantly evolving as an artist; after a heavy year of releases, being featured on the Grime 2017 album and bringing MC’ing into his game, he is continuing to show us why he is one of the best to do it.

Check Faze Miyake’s latest EP EVO out now

He’s got a mega drive jus’ like Sega.

Wavey Garms: Three EP’s last year, sold out merch for the Infamous EP and countless collaborations with some serious artists. It's been a big year for you, but what is next?

Faze Miyake: I’ve just announced the new Woofer 3 USB. It will have about four or five new unreleased tunes, other than that it’ll have all of the wav. files from every EP this year and a couple of bonus instrumentals. I guess it’s my whole year of releases compiled onto one USB. There will actually be some visual content on there as well but I’m not going to say too much.

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On your new EP EVO, we noticed that it’s impossible to pinpoint the Faze Miyake sound. Tracks like Transition ft. Qendressa and Lei Wulong are both bangers, but in completely different ways. Do you get inspiration for your music from any weird places?

Faze Miyake: Definitely man, I gain inspiration from places you wouldn’t expect. I have been travelling a lot, which has its influences. I did an Asia tour in March, a US tour last year and I’ve got some new tours in the works. To be honest I kind of wanted to take a backseat on playing out this year, I just wanted to be in the studio putting in the work. Now that’s done I can focus on shows.


How do you keep up the diversity in your releases? 

Faze Miyake: I think every single one of my EP’s has been diverse. My album was all similar style beats, but every single artist feature was from a different market or genre. That’s just how I work, when I do my releases I like to give a tune for different people, for different settings, for different moods. I have never done a release, apart from my first few, where it's just four grime tunes on there, to me that’s boring. I like to give people variety. Even me as a consumer, I don’t want to hear albums where it’s just the same style every tune.

Yeah, we can see that in EVO, you’ve got the party banger Hercules ft. Belly Squad and then two instrumentals for DJs to spin on radio sets.

Faze Miyake: Yeah, I’m just trying to make something for everyone. They say you can’t please everyone but I’m trying my best. If I’m honest I was trying to release an EP every two months this year, it’s been more like every three months.

Speaking of travelling and locations, do you have a favourite city or venue you like to play at?

Faze Miyake: Funnily enough my favourite city right now is Seoul in South Korea. Obviously I took Spyro with me last year, he loved it as well. I’d say Amsterdam and Bristol stand out as far as crowds go, they’re never not partying man. I think London is the stiffest crowd in the world. I think it’s always been like that, I remember seeing interviews with 50 Cent back in the day with G Unit complaining about it.

Obviously Wavey Garms has played a part in influencing certain trends in recent years, name one trend that you rate and one that should be left in 2017.

Faze Miyake: I dunno because I’ve been customizing my own garms with my own name on it since I was 16. Everything I am doing now I’ve been doing since then. As soon as I went to college I became the person that I am now, I’ve just been evolving. I’ve noticed this year people wearing their own garms has become a bit of a trend, which is sick as it’s individuality being promoted. I think one think we need to leave behind from all the ‘cool, trendy’ fashion people is that they wear stuff ironically to mock things, like people wearing dad shoes - leave it.

Do you think it’s harder coming through as a producer?

Faze Miyake: I don’t think it’s harder, I just think no one is doing what I’m doing in terms of how hard you push yourself. I’ve never really said it’s hard or moaned about it. But now look I’m doing my own vocals. I’m trying to morph into more of an all round artist rather than just a producer. I am really fortunate that people have showed me the attention and respect that I deserve. You always hear about producers not being credited but I’ve never really had those problems.

To be fair Kanye and a lot of the best rappers started out as producers, if you can master all of the crafts...

Faze Miyake: I only really listen to artists that are all-rounders. I have big respect for people like Wiley, Skepta and even Pharrell over in the US. The label of ‘producer’ just means the creation of something; it doesn’t just mean making beats. I don’t want to be labeled as just one thing.

Thanks Faze.

Follow Faze Miyake on Twitter here and Instagram here.

Written by: Aaron EDH. 


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